Falling Down a Deep Hole:

The Experience of an Identity Crisis as a Gestalt Therapist


  • Ken Evans


Between February 25 and 26, 2012, around thirty Gestalt Therapists from five European nations (Sweden, Denmark, Fin- land, The Netherlands and the UK) gathered together to engage in an experientially based learning weekend on research in gestalt therapy. The event was organised by the Swedish Association for Gestalt Therapy - SAG Board and its energetic chair Jojo Tuulikki Oinonen. The weekend was facilitated by Ken Evans, former President of the European Association or Gestalt Therapy and co-author with Linda Finlay of Relational Centred Research in Psychotherapy: exploring meanings and purpose. (Finlay and Evans, 2009).

Author Biography

Ken Evans

Nicklas Anden, Joanna Arb, Annika Axelsson, Lars Berg, Johan Blad, Els Boumans, Mirjam van Buul, Mikael Curman, Birgitte Frandsen, Ulf Giege, Angela Hoegberg, Dana Jergefelt, Ulf Klingvall, Anette Kragh, Arja Lehto, Joel Lindh, Jussi Nissinen, Jojo Tuulikki Oinonen, John Ewans Porting, Greta Rask, Ulf Retren, Christel Segander, Zeynep Sirek, Helen Soderquist, Ol- ivier Winghart.

Shortly after the research weekend Mikael Curman died. We the authors dedicate this research article to Mikael who par- ticipated in the weekend with his characteristic enthusiasm and passion for life and truth.



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